A full range of services

LSS provides a full scope of engineering services: from auditing, planning and design, to construction management and site commissioning


    Calculation and analysis servicesQuality preparation before the project is the foundation of its success.

    We conduct pre-project studies, determining the main technical and economic justifications for solving problems of any complexity.


    Engineering and consulting servicesThe purpose of LSS consulting is to make implementing the project more efficient.

    Our team develops technologies and solutions necessary to build and operate sites in the fields of energy, power supply and automation.

    We provide professional consulting on design, construction plan development, construction management, site commissioning and other stages of the project.

    As part of the consulting, LSS offers designing technical documentation, conducting studies, preparing the initial construction data, completing economic calculations, budgeting, providing recommendations.



    Designing energy, power supply and automation sites is one of the key specialisations of LSS. Our design team is highly skilled in working with such design software as nanoCad, AutoCad, Dialux.


    Equipment selection and supplyThe performance of a company directly depends on how well the equipment is selected.

    LSS designs the initial requirements for equipment and part supply, selecting suppliers according to the capabilities of the client, providing warranty and non-warranty maintenance for the equipment supplied.

    We work with trusted and certified suppliers, which guarantees optimal solutions.

    Our suppliers include: Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Moeller, Legrand, IDE, Hager, Ensto, Erico, Wago, Kopos Kolin, Evopipes, Jung, Devi, Eti, Northcliffe, OMS, Osram, Philips, i-LED, Goccia, LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES


    Electric installation

    LSS conducts electric installation of any complexity for residential and civil construction, such as:

    • wiring and rising mains repairs/replacement,
    • setting up electric lighting equipment,
    • installing control boxes,
    • assembly and installation of customised electric control boxes,
    • installation of power equipment at pumping plants,
    • customised schematic solution development,
    • electric measurement (incl. insulation resistance measurements),
    • outdoor electric installation — installation of new power cable lines, street lighting, lightning protection and grounding systems,
    • technical maintenance of buildings.

    Installation supervisionThe process of installing equipment requires detailed planning and expert supervision.

    LSS provides technical and technological supervision for the installation of the equipment supplied, coordinating its commissioning and instructing the client’s staff on working with this equipment.


    Project managementWe offer our professional expertise and valuable experience in integrated project management.

    Project management services include task and deadline planning, purchase organisation, monitoring and control, design and construction management.


    Company production process optimisationProduction processes are largely dependent not only on technologies themselves, but also on how appropriately they are used.

    We develop custom solutions for optimising production technologies that improve the quality of the products manufactured, and can lower their cost.

    LSS offers auditing the production equipment, providing recommendations on how to improve the organisation of manufacturing.