LSS provides a full range of engineering services

The ‘Latgales sakaru serviss’ company works in industrial, civil, energy and transport construction, actively participating in major infrastructural project in the EU as well as the CIS

We specialise in such professional engineering services as:

  • determining the main technical and economic justifications for solving problems of any complexity,
  • designing sites for energy, power supply and industrial production process automation,
  • defining initial requirements for supplying equipment and parts,
  • selecting suppliers, according to the client’s capabilities,
  • warranty and non-warranty maintenance of the equipment supplied,
  • electric installation of any complexity for residential and civil construction,
  • installation setup supervision for the equipment supplied,
  • designer supervision.

Our work is based on our knowledge of engineering as well as innovative technologies.

We use expertise and professional resource integration, we cooperate with trusted long-term suppliers.

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  • Individualised approach

    Our specialists will develop the concept, complete the design and help select equipment according to all the needs and characteristics of each site.

  • Quality

    One of the main criteria our company sets for itself is improving the quality of the services it provides. To achieve this objective, we continually expand the expertise of our specialists and implement new technologies in our workflow.

  • Professionalism

    Our team has experience completing the most complex and unique tasks. All the work is conducted by certified personnel and using modern technologies, observing the strictest deadlines and offering proper warranty.